Made for Oculus and Samsung Gear VR, soon available on Oculus Share and Google Play

WVR Forum selection 2016

We are selected for the 2016 edition of the World Virtual Reality Forum at Cran-Montana


Amethyst VR is made by students from Master Hypermedia and Communication !


Little more about us

We are students in Master 1 'Hypermedia and Communication' of the IAE Savoie Mont Blanc at Annecy-Le-Vieux (France), we joined this formation to increase our skills with new technologies while having a philosophy reflection about it.

Our Teacher Salar Shahna (an old student from the Master) introduced us to the Virtual Reality by promoting our creativity on this technology, this is basically how the 'Amethyst ' project was born. We worked hard to develop this game and against all the odds, we were selected to be part of the biggest Virtual Reality show at Cran Montana (Switzerland).

Virtual Reality incarnate the most important change in the world since the cinema, as students dedicated to the digital we could not let this chance to participate to this revolution.


Our Team

Here is our fabulous team !

Cassandre Commun

Student in Master 1 Hypermedia, interested by new technologies and virtual universes -notably video games.
For Amethyst VR : Gamedesign & Character design

Florian Plamont

PROJECT MASTER / Student in Master 1 Hypermedia, particularly interested by art in new technologies and interactive creations.
For Amethyst VR : Developer and technical manager.

Yohann Rouillé

Student in Hypermedia, particularly interested by relation between people, video games and interactive creations.
For Amethyst VR : Webdesigner and Community Management

Camille Teyssier

Hey ! I'm a little spider of the team and i didn't write my description for now.
For Amethyst VR : You can see me InGame, i'm the hell !

Clément Trichon

Student in Master 1 Hypermedia, love foreign cultures and create contents (videos, images, sounds etc.).
For Amethyst VR : Script supervisor and sound designer.

Xavier Vanzato

Student in Hypermedia, particularly interested by relation between device and immersive part for players. Video games are my passion.
For Amethyst VR : Video maker and menu interface

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  • Crans-Montana, Switzerland

  • info@amethystvr.fr

  • +336 32 16 26 90